IKIF Artist Recognition Scholarship Awards

At IKIF 2018, participants who attend for the full two weeks of IKIF, will be eligible to enter our Scholarship Awards Competition. Participants may compete for $25,000 in Scholarship Awards.

A $10,000 Scholarship Award for First Prize and a concert appearance on the IKIF 2019 Masters Series is made possible by a donation from JMW Consultants Inc.

The $15,000 in Scholarship Awards of $5,000 each, plus a concert appearance at the IKIF 2019 Prestige Series, are made possible through IKIF. Awards of $5,000 each are made possible by donations from Goodwin Procter and Bregal Sagemount, as well as by IKIF.

The competition supports and recognizes the artistic endeavors of participants in the festival, and encourages excellence and dedication. The awards will be divided at the discretion of the Jury. There are three phases of the competition: Preliminaries, Semi-Finals and Finals. The length competitors will be heard in the Preliminaries and Semi-Finals will be at the discretion of the Jury. For the Final phase of the competition a one hour program, of varied and substantial repertoire, will be required. This phase will take place in the presence of the Jury and a public audience.

The Scholarship Awards Competition is open to full-session participants only. The Scholarship Awards are intended to be used for payment of further musical studies.

There will be a sign up sheet for the Awards available after the start of IKIF 2018. At IKIF 2018, participants desiring to enter the competition will be required to have already prepared a full recital of substantial repertoire lasting one hour and twenty minutes and including a major sonata with all movements. In addition to the sonata, or a work of equal length, another major work lasting 10-15 minutes should be included. If you wish to participate in the competition, after the start of the Festival, you will have to submit your repertoire to Michiyo Morikawa for the approval of the Chairman of the Jury, Eduard Zilberkant. All of this will be explained at the General Meeting on Monday, July 16 at 11:00 am in Lang Recital Hall.

Please note that a professional level of playing is required for this competition, as the First Prize winner will be asked to perform on the Masters Series at IKIF 2019 and the Second, Third, and Fourth Prize winners will be asked to perform at IKIF 2019 on the Prestige Series.

At IKIF 2018, the JMW Consultants Inc. Scholarship will be awarded at the conclusion of the competition. The First Prize winner of the competition will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship and will be eligible to perform a concert on the IKIF 2019 evening Masters Series in the Kaye Playhouse. Scholarship awards of $5,000 each will be awarded to the Second, Third and Fourth prize winners, along with a concert in the IKIF 2019 Prestige Series. For further information about IKIF 2018, masterclasses, practicing and signing up for the IKIF Competition, please read the FAQ section.

WINNERS IKIF Artist Recognition Scholarship Awards

Dina Ivanova
Ziang Xu
Sebastian Salvaterra
Evgeniya Antonova

Baron Fenwick
Yizhou Meng
Julie Alcaraz
Victoire-Theodora Pruvost
Arseny Gusev
Kana Ito
Josquin Otal
Anne Riegler
Marina Simeonova
Timothée Urbain
Biguo Xing
Vincent Yang

Aleksandra Kasman
Marie-Ange Nguci
Salome Jordania
Christopher Richardson
Marijan Duzel
Yizhuo Meng
Shotaro Nishimura
Alessandra Fornasa
Biguo Xing
Tanguy Asselin de Williencourt
Irina Bogdanova
Ivan Gusev
Brigita Vilc
Chong Wang

Jamina Gerl
Yili Niu
Ryota Suzuki
Qian Tang
Rhythmie Wong
Ryota Yokoe
Camille Belin
Reed Tetzloff

Kho Woon Kim
Anna Tcybuleva
Anna Kavalerova
Kyoko Hirota

Momoko Mizutani
Oleksandr Poliykov
Hélène Tysman
Allen Yueh
Ting I Lee
Mayumi Sakamoto
Yuchong Wu

Anna Dmytrenko
Tomer Gewirtzman
Evgeny Genchev
Konstantin Alexeev

Michelle Yelin Nam
Anastasia Gromoglasova
Ai Hattori
Allen Yueh
I-Hsiang Chao

Shi-wei Huang
Nikolay Kozhin
Tatiana Muzanova
Osip Nikiforov

Irene Russo
Jamina Gerl
Anna Fedorova
Denys Zhdanov

Dizhou Zhao
Matei Varga
Regina Chernychko
Anna Fedorova

Mariko Furukawa
Guillaume Mathias
Anastasya Terenkova
Shiran Wang

Yukiko Akagi
Christopher Devine
Gabriele Leporatti
Daniel Segall

Yoni Levyatov
Dudana Mazmanishvili
Di Yi Tang
Agnieszka Ufniarz

Magdalena Baczewska
Mai Kagaya
Colleen Lee
Qi Liu

Christopher Devine
Renana Gutman
Vlad Iftinca
Yukino Kano

Martina Filjak
Mariko Furukawa
Rei Ishii
Yoni Levyatov

Asaf Blasberg
Victor Goldberg
Min Kwon
Satoko Sasabe

Victor Goldberg
Masataka Takada
Theo Tzovanakis
Asaf Blasberg


Johannes Piirto
Nikolay Kozhin
Soohyun Yun
Daniel Baer
Young Ah Ha
Salome Scheidegger
Regina Chernychko
Grzegorz Niemczuk
Konstantin Alekseev

Youngmi Choi
Weiwen Ma
Jonghwa Park
Sun Jee Song
Peggy Sung
Maria Togawa
Jinjing Wang


Frederic Chen
Denis Evstuhin
Francois Lambret
Jingwen Tu
Di Wang
Jason Wirth

Awarded to Several Young Artists at the Discretion of the Jury

Anna Fedorova
Huaiyu Feng
Hye-Jin Kim
Min Hwan Kim
Kyoo-hye Lim
Igor Lovchinsky
Junjie Xi

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